Hedgies Club

8080 Wholesome little Hedgies forever secured on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Hedgie comes with Full Commercial Rights for the full duration of verified ownership.


VVIP Collection: Genesis Edition

Hedgies Club are unique ultra high resolution Hedgie artwork, generated algorithmically with over 168+ individually hand-drawn traits across 6 unique categories.


  • Froggie Heggie #7777

    *Boing Boing*

    1 of 1 Froggie Suit Heggie

    Lick: Inflicts Paralyzed

    ¤ ATK: 2
    ¤ DEF: 10
    ¤ SP: 7

  • Golden Slayer Heggie #2888

    This Holy Grail of Hedgies Club features 3x Golden traits.

    One of the rarest trait combinations in the collection.

    Golden Sword Style: Slash

    ¤ ATK: 10
    ¤ DEF: 10
    ¤ SP: 10

  • Arch Wizard of the North #888

    Full Set Arch Wizard Heggie.

    Features 2x Golden Wizard set combination.

    Casts Ice Shards & Snowball Storms

    ¤ ATK: 5
    ¤ DEF: 8
    ¤ SP: 10

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Marketplaces ⚖️

¤ OpenSea 🔥
¤ OpenSea Pro 🔥
¤ BLUR 🔥
¤ Rarible
¤ LooksRare
¤ X2Y2

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These Hedgies are for 🦔

‍¤  Newcomers who are interested in joining the NFT ecosystem without the high cost barrier-to-entry.

¤ Veteran NFT enjoyers looking for a new wholesome little friend to add to their collection.

Exclusive Perks & Benefits 💎

¤  Each Hedgie comes with Full Commercial Rights.

¤  Verified owners have the freedom to monetize their Hedgie's charm and charisma in a myriad of ways for the full duration of their ownership.


Disclaimer: Trading Caution: It's No Walk in the Park

Get ready! NFT trading is a cosmic experience with highs and lows. It's a digital dance where pixels can be treasures or traps. Enjoy, but be aware of the risks.

Have Fun, but Know Your Limits

We're about the fun, but even cosmic parties have limits. Don't let FOMO lead to regret. Trade within your comfort zone and enjoy the ride responsibly.

Fun in the NFT Ecosystem: Pixels and Playfulness

Our galaxy thrives on creativity and playfulness. Embrace the NFT spirit, support your fellow Hedgies, and remember every pixel tells a story.

Final Reminder: Navigate Safely!

In the NFT cosmos, risks exist, but so do adventures. Have fun, trade wisely, and let the Hedgies guide you. May your portfolios flourish, and your NFT journey be legendary!

Disclaimer: Hedgies Club Does Not Condone Smoking

At Hedgies Club, we're all about fun and creativity. Our adorable Hedgie NFTs include a cigar trait, designed solely for playful aesthetics.

Important Note: No Smoking Endorsement

Hedgies Club does not endorse smoking or any tobacco-related activities. The cigar trait is purely for visual flair and holds no real-world connotations.

Promoting Positivity:

We're committed to fostering a positive and healthy community. Please use the cigar trait responsibly, keeping in mind the well-being of our diverse user base.

Contact Us:

Have questions or concerns? Reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram @hedgiesclub

Thank You for Being a Part of Hedgies Club!

Your creativity and positive engagement make Hedgies Club a delightful space for all Hedgie enthusiasts.

Cheers, The Hedgies Club Crew